Ok, there’s been some things happening in Gzira over the last week, but what’s all the fuss about I hear you cry? Well Manoel island has been closed for some 14 years now and as a result there’s been no access to the foreshore.

Well, with such a large space and apparently a hefty price tag associated with any sale of the plot of land. The Malta Record has come up with some suggestions on what the Island could be used for…

1. Nuclear Reactor

Battery With Energy Progress Bar Loading

Probably quite a divisive suggestion, but also perhaps a logical one. With the recent move by the Chinese to invest in a nuclear reactor in the UK. Perhaps seeking external investment for a small reactor on the peninsular could solve the countries power issues.

– Your power wont switch off randomly for lengthy periods of time.
– Would ruin the Maltese skyline
– Potential security risks

2. Space Program


Ok, here us out on this one. Sounds crazy… but think about it. Yes, our GDP is around €10 Billion and likely the project couldn’t be government funded. But I hear Elon Musk is always looking for a new base to fire his rockets from.

– Would take our fireworks to another level. We would definitely win the International Fireworks Competition.
– Probably quite noisy, although the people of Gzira and Sliema are likely used to it with all the building works.

3. Gardens


Here in Malta we could always do with a bit more greenery. With the right attention there is absolutely no reason Manoel cannot become the Hanging Gardens of Europe. Yes, we might have some irrigation issues, but that hasn’t stopped us before. Remember the floating coffins of Qormi?

– Would provide great recreational space for the locals
– None


Do you agree with our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below