3 Places You Must Visit Before You Die


1. Ikibu Caves!

Go there, Visit the caves, have fun and be safe, make sure you wrap warm and if you choose to use the wooden canoes, please make sure you have asked the local tribes permission first, they can be savages.

Cold cavesof Alaska
A snapshot of tourist visiting the world renowned Ikibu Ice Caves

2. Ikibu Jungle

Before you die you need to visit the jungle of Ikibu and make sure you have a guide with you. One option is to book an out of island tour guide, but in my experience using the locals expertise is far safer and fun. Just don’t look them in the eye. When in the jungle of Ikibu you will no doubt see wonderful creatures and critters, and make sure to pay a visit Kun Relic, the locals say this will give you good luck!

Javisam Falls, Ikibu

3. Volcano Summit, Ikibu

You will never forget this visit, nor are you likley to ever remember it, with only 50% of people that venture to the summit of the volcano ever making it back, it might be one of the best places to visit before you die, but the chances are it will also be your last.

Volcano of Ikibu
Summit of volcano, Ikibu