BREAKING: New Island Discovered Off The Coast Of Malta


There are reports by the Italian Scoperta Insitito, that a new rock formation has been discovered 180 miles east off the island of Malta. It’s been described as one of the most fascinating discoveries since the sightings and subsequent confirmation of the indigenous Zukitu tribes off Papua New Guinea.

The rock formation is approximately 70km2.

Rafael Iki, from the Oceanico Topograpia Group commented. ‘This is truly spectacular, we’ve always believed until now that there’s been an almost complete understanding of what lies at least above the ocean floor in terms of land mass, but this discovery has turned everything upside down. The very fact that we are in 2016 and we have missed this is extremely exciting.

The Island has for now been named Ikibu, by the OTG and is yet to be fully explored. ‘We have come across signs of life through several camps we suspect have been forged from a species similarly linked to Dhalidris apes, but at present are not one hundred percent sure as to whether they still inhabit the island. We do know that there is a number of precious artifacts littered across the island.

Ruins found on the west side of island

Our main priority is ensuring that we can protect the perimeter of the Ikibu Island until we have investigated fully. Once this is complete we will be opening up to the general public’ Commented Rafael.

We are expecting a statement from governmental bodies shortly confirming the discovery. As it is still not officially yet acknowledged as an independent land mass, there is some clarity required as to whether the island is Maltese or Italian.

‘The strange thing is that when we talk about the history of Ikibu, we have no idea where to start, we only got back to mainland this afternoon after the initial discovery, most parts are largely unexplored. We did manage to bring back some Spanish coins with us, and believe they date back to the 17th century.’

From initial inspection the island seems to have similar but varying climates to neighboring islands such as Sicily and Malta, we believe this is down to its potential volcanic routes and the surrounding reef.

‘We’re incredibly lucky to be in a position in this day and age to discover something so great. I have taken some of the most amazing pictures of my life and we will head back tonight to continue our investigations.’ Commented Rafael from the OTG

The Malta Record will continue to provide updates as they come.



  1. Italia, paese di santi poeti e navigatori.
    Su quell’isola ci sono sicuramente una pizzeria napoletana ed un paio di filippini che coltivano le perle.

  2. In this day and age with satellites and technology this sounds amazing. How hasn’t a plane or ship ever spotted this island? Amazing and really hard to believe !

  3. I call bullshit. We have the technology to observe other galaxies with telescopes… There is no way in hell that an island even the size of Cominotto can go unnoticed in the small Mediterranean sea. Consider all the battles that have taken place at sea, all the freight passing between countries, planes flying everywhere, scientists exploring the waters, Geo-satellites, Google earth, etc… Islands don’t pop out of the sea overnight. You’re gonna need WAY more proof than that to convince me and anyone else who is not gullible enough to believe this. And even if it is true, Italy will take control of it faster than we can blink our eyes lol. So don’t even get your hopes up by thinking we just discovered a new Maltese Island.

  4. Shit this means that after round 20 years of international court rulings to decide if it belongs to Malta or Italy we then need to educate the natives to be either Labour or Nationalist party supporters. We need to show them how to build bad roads and the biggest problem I see is educating them in Maltese swearing and killing anything that has wings.