The first sales of the Iphone 7 are now officially underway, with a New York store being to first to dispatch the devices.

Like farm yard animals the phone hungry cash spenders wedged their way in through the entrance doors, more people backup behind shoveling each other that extra 10 cm forward, until that 10 cm turned into 5 cm, 1cm, until… the bovine movement ground to a¬†standstill.


No one could move and no-one could enter the store, everyone stopped pushing and everything went quiet. Complete and utter silence, just heads turning round looking at each-other in bemusement. Then suddenly from the sea of heads came a whale, a groan, then another, and another until everyone was crying out for help.

Approximately 30 mins later Ladder 32 from upper east side had to manually pull apart the mechanical doorways to free the crowd.