Donald Trump’s bid for a Comino golf course

Donald Trump in Comino

While Donald Trump has not made any direct bid on Malta’s famous island paradise, one of his key economic advisers Howard M. Lorber was seen in Malta last weekend. An anonymous speaker at the investment event Lorber was here to attend, reported that Comino was very much on the agenda. In a closed meeting with local construction firms and Mr Lorber, plans for a Trump golf course, covering both the island and the blue lagoon, were put forward. Proposals for the ‘interiorisation’ of the blue lagoon, turning it into a bathing and swimming facility, while retaining its natural features, met with a mix of interest and disbelief. Above the blue lagoon a rooftop course would be built in as an extension to the natural terrain, ‘ideal for the adventure-golfing angle on the table.’

Many people in Malta will already be looking at Trump’s successful Scottish venture, where outraged residents were unfairly ousted from their homes, law suits are still piling up and the area has been essentially bulldozed by the golf course project. Trump’s visions are rarely completed as planned, and we can only imagine the mess Comino could be in before he is finished.


While Mr Lorber refused to confirm that his proposals came directly from presidential hopeful Donald Trump, there has been little doubt that the plans proposed over the weekend had the flavor of a Trump project. Large-scale, unfeasible and fraught with potential disasters, the Trump Comino Course looks set to become the next in a long list of Trump’s empire building strategy.